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Thomson, Illinois
April 19, 2020

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Devastatingly-Effective Defense Tactics For
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Hi, my name is Mike Walters and I'm editor-at-large of one of the leading websites in the world for practical information on living and surviving in hard times (economic and otherwise).

In a minute, I'll tell you why I'm going to send this report to you for free… but first… let me reveal a small sample of the little-known, home defense tactics and secrets you will discover in it…

  • The 2 greatest advantages you can have when you are confronted with (and must conquer) a threat in or around your home!
  • The 3 distinct levels of protection—before deadly force—for any given situation! (These are the same protection layers used to guard Fort Knox… one of the most protected facilities in the world.)
  • How to use Fort Knox's protection theories and practices to defend your home and get amazingly-effective results… without… the massive budget or military reinforcement!
  • A quick quiz that will help you determine how prepared you are—within the 4 distinct areas of a solid defensive plan—to defend your home and your family!
  • Quick-start "Cheat Sheets" at the end of every chapter that will make the concepts in the report easy to review and learn… and… more importantly, help you implement them at the most cost-effective, safe and comfortable levels!
  • Inexpensive—yet highly-effective—do-it-yourself early-warning detection systems! (A couple of hundred bucks and a weekend is all you need to get up and running with one of these.)
  • An old school, ultra-inexpensive set-up that will wreak havoc on any would-be intruder! (The great thing about this—besides the low price—is the fact that it serves a dual purpose… both as an early-warning and a psychological deterrent system.)
  • The pros and cons of using a guard dog as your only early-warning detection system! (Depending on your situation, a dog-only as protection may work for you… but… there are some things you need to consider before you make that decision.)
  • A quick, easy and cheap way to let intruders know you have a low tolerance for them… and… get them to move on to "lower hanging fruit".
  • A source for "Heavy Metal" Lock Systems designed for a new "Lawless America". (Protect your property with the strongest, heaviest locks on the planet!)
  • How to protect your perimeter if you live in the suburbs and razor wire on your chain-link fence might not sit so well with your homeowners association!
  • Why each successive portion of your survival game plan needs to get more and more devious and destructive!
  • How to beef-up the security of any existing walls or chain-link fencing you may already have! (A few easy and cheap alterations are all you need for most situations.)
  • How to beef-up the security of a more crude or looser physical barrier… such as… a short ranch-style fence!
  • 2 crucial reasons why you need redundancy in your physical barrier system!
  • How to make effective physical barriers when you only have access to natural materials! (It takes a little extra effort, but it can be done.)
  • An effective physical and psychological deterrent tactic from the movie Apocalypse Now!
  • A cheap, fast and ultra-effective alternative to a brick and mortar wall! (Amazingly, this wall literally builds itself… and… it will only cost you around $200!)
  • How to bulletproof your perimeter using common hay bales!
  • How to psychologically demoralize an intruder with old tires!
  • One of the few things—very few things—the American prison system has gotten right… and… how to adopt and adapt it for your personal protection!
  • An alternative source (most people never consider) for cheap chain-link fencing!
  • Secrets of Psychological Warfare! (From Cold War to Terrorism Tactics, the crippling effects of this type of warfare may make it the most effective deterrent of all!
  • How to use sights, sounds and smells to repel attackers! (This type of psychological warfare goes a long way. Military and police—around the world—are increasingly resorting to these types of non-lethal tactics for one reason: BECAUSE THEY WORK!)
  • Why you should never use fake defense signage (like police tape) as a deterrent!
  • How to use pyrotechnics (essentially homemade fireworks) to drive off intruders!
  • Why firing "Warning Shots" may not be the best defense… unless… you do this!
  • How acting "crazy" can work in your favor!
  • 5 things you must do if an intruder or intruders have breached your outer defenses and made it into your home! (This truly is "go time" and there's no room for error or hesitation of any kind!)
  • Secrets to "Playing Dirty" when you must win at all costs!
  • And much, much more!

As soon as you read this report (it's short and to the point), you will have all the knowledge and resources you need to safeguard you, your home and your family from almost any outside threat.

This truly is life-saving, insider information that can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars.

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Mike Walters

P.S. WARNING: Some of the material in this report may be shocking. But, it's better to be a little shocked than unable to protect your home, yourself and your loved ones should the unexpected happen!

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